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We teach yoga.

The system we teach is very old, but has great usefulness today.

It was written down by a scientist named Patanjali, who lived in ancient India. The text teaches a systematic way to shed layers of painful experience and harmful patterns of thinking using any chosen object of focus.

Choosing to use the body as the focal point is a relatively new thing, but it can work very well if you know what you’re doing. Using Patanjali’s process, and armed with enough anatomy knowledge that you know what you are working with, learn to use the body as a laboratory where one can safely grow into a better experience of life.

We are here to help shape the future of yoga classes so that practitioners and teachers know how to use Patanjali’s amazing system more and better. We do it by walking anybody who is interested through the nuts and bolts of practicing and teaching yoga.

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We are a yoga school. We teach the science of happiness.

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