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Yoga Teacher Training: Live Practical Applications

Element 6 Professional Applications Yoga Teacher Training

Course Discussion

This is the 4-week, 180-hour live component of our yoga teacher training. It comes after completion of the online prerequisite courses. Since all of our Core Curriculum is taught online before the live portion begins, the course is all about doing the practice and developing the pedagogical skill to teach it professionally.

Asana Tech Live

This is the heart of the training. Through personally experiencing the challenges, triumphs and plateaus of the process of deepening your own practice, you’ll learn better how to guide others through their own. Through a highly technical experience of the fundamental asanas, these workshops will teach you what's important and what isn't, including how and when to modify for yourself and your students; and how to know how deeply to go and why. Each day, we'll do an extended workshop-style practice that will focus on a different type of asana, which will be followed by a short a Q+A about the particulars of the day's focus poses.


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