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Caroline Westling
Caroline started teaching and sharing yoga in Sweden in 2004, where yoga was not widely spread at the time. She ran a studio in Stockholm for five years until 2010 when her family expanded to three children. In addition to running a yoga school, Caroline has taught yoga in Swedish schools and prisons for many years. Her classes there were geared toward teaching students and prisoners to keep a daily yoga practice to increase self awareness as a means to increase nonviolent behavior. 

In 2006 she met her husband and teacher Ratheesh Mani and also started to assist him when he was traveling and teaching. Now she teaches in yoga studios but mainly holds international workshops and organises retreats with her husband.

“I grew up in Sweden and have always had a deep philosophical and spiritual interest in life. One reason is probably because as a kid I saw my Grandmother practice yoga. When I was 11 I told my mother that I wanted to go to India and as a teenager I started study Indian (Yogic) philosophy and around 20 started the physical practice of Yoga and decided that it was the path I was going to follow. 

At 19 I became a restaurant manager over two large hotels but I had a plan from young age to be a school teacher in philosophy, history and religion. To teach history to students so they would not repeat the same mistakes we did in the past, religion to respect and have tolerance for each other and philosophy to understand yourself, finding your own way and inner peace leading to a better world. 

I decided quite fast that I wanted to share yoga instead as it in a deeper way could effect people leading to the same vision. I started to teach in hotels and at spas before I opened up my own studio.

In 2003 I took my first teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga and in 2004 I studied in India with Sashikala Ananth, a student of Krishnamacharya  among others. It was not until I took Yoga Works Teacher Training with James Brown in 2006 that I completely fell in love with sequencing and proper alignment. I also have the privilege to study with Maty Ezraty.

To practice and share yoga is a great privilege which I truly honor and respect.”

I love Caroline’s yoga teachings. She has very well structured classes with beautiful sequences. I like in particular her restorative classes and her foundation classes with props. Her classes are clear, with easy to follow instructions. She emphasizes a safe practice with precise alignment and a beautiful connection to the breath. Caroline teaches from the heart with a deep understanding from her own experience, always with compassion and some humor.Franziska S

Caroline´s way of teaching is inspiring, clear and safe. She guides you in the practice to prepare your body in an intelligent way to help you to understand the main focus in the asana and the best shape of it with your own body. She definitely can read bodies! She is a “prop advocate” … in this way you can practice safely and develop. She shares all her knowledge, she doesn’t keep anything for herself.  Beside of the physical aspect of the practice, she is devoted to Yoga. She really understands its real meaning and transmits it. Her message goes beyond putting your leg behind your head. Her teaching and practice comes from a discipline, traditional manner full with experience and knowledge. She will support you to give the best of you and challenging you at the times. Belén VA

Caroline is one of my absolute favourite teachers. She has a great ability to set my body up for specific asanas. With props and fantastic guiding she makes advanced positions more available. It’s like she is communicating with my body instead of me and my head. In addition to her great understanding of energy in poses, she is so well rooted in the tradition and philosophy of yoga that I can really rest in her space and feel safe.Nenne A

Caroline is a very enthusiastic and well prepared instructor. You have no doubt about her passion for yoga – it’s her life. She  is a technically skilled instructor, she’s has “an eye on each finger”  – in her class you feel that you are seen. Her gift is that she has the ability to always make you feel safe and well taken care of.Mona D


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