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Stacey Shea

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Stacey Shea HeadshotStacey came to teaching yoga in 2002, after 12 years as a professional dancer in Las Vegas. She started out teaching fellow performers and other curious people what she had learned about how yoga can help alleviate pain in the body, as it had done for her.

In 2008 she opened Bikram Yoga Green Valley in Henderson, Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas. Over the next 8 years, BYGV grew to support and guide the practices of tens of thousands of students; as Stacey hired, educated and mentored the teaching faculty there.

As the business of yoga shifted toward the competitive industry that it is today, Stacey’s focus started to shift away from running a studio and toward that aspect of running a studio that she so loves, and for which she has so much to offer: educating and mentoring aspiring new teachers. And in 2015, Bikram Yoga Green Valley closed its doors.

American Yoga School is delighted to include Stacey Shea as a member of our Teaching Faculty.

Stacey’s personal commitment to developing leaders marks the significant difference between herself and what other teachers have on offer. Knowing I had Stacey cheering me on during my first few months of professional teaching made all the difference in staying the course. Always one to celebrate every success and help me negotiate every learning opportunity. Stacey Shea is a constant inspiration for me to continue, grow, adapt and evolve. David S
Stacey challenges you to hold yourself up to your highest standard, to be a lifelong learner (just like her!), to respect your students, and to be the very best version of yourself you can be. Julie H
Stacey created an environment that made it possible for me to develop my individuality as a teacher. She has always encouraged me to let my personality shine, letting me know that was what would make me great.N’Zinza W

I grew up among the rolling hills of the Northern California wine country with my mother, sister and Chinese immigrant grandparents.  My mother remarried Stacey Shea, American Yoga School Teaching Facultyand we moved to the San Francisco Bay Area.  I was shocked, moving from a small town with a population of 800 to big suburbia.  Finding it difficult to fit in and express myself in my new surroundings, I connected with my feelings through movement; roller skating, ballet and jazz dancing, running and lifting weights, and finally, yoga.

Over the years, I worked in fashion retail, managed fast food restaurants, taught group fitness classes, danced as a performing artist in production shows around the world, and am still an ambassador/spokesmodel for the City of Las Vegas.

During my 15 year career as a professional dancer, I suffered from a debilitating spinal injury, an 11mm. herniated disk between my lower lumber vertebrate L4 & L5.  I was crippled for 6-months, but managed to heal myself non-surgically through spinal decompression and yoga.  While suffering in severe pain, thoughts of never healing and ending my life crossed my mind.  Yoga gave me my life back.  Yoga gave me a second chance.  Not only did it heal me physically, yoga also gave me the tools to reorganize my mindset and bring back a sense of optimism.  It became my duty and calling to share this yoga magic with as many people as possible.

In the early 2000’s, yoga in Las Vegas was still in its infant stages.  I traveled to California regularly for yoga trainings and to find more teachers to study with.  After completing three teacher trainings and healing my own spine, I opened Bikram Yoga Green Valley in 2008.  I continue my travels to learn from teachers near and far.

Stacey Shea, American Yoga School Teaching Faculty

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